AnnoTate is a project that invited volunteers to read and transcribe the personal papers of British-born and emigre artists, including Josef Herman, Barbara Hepworth and Kurt Schwitters, from the world’s largest archive of British Art - Tate Archive.

This project is currently paused. Thank you to all the volunteers who took part!

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AnnoTate and The Zooniverse

The Zooniverse is the world’s largest platform for people-powered research. This research is made possible by hundreds of thousands of people around the world who come together to assist professional researchers.

Tate was the first fine arts organisation to collaborate with the Zooniverse team in order to develop a crowdsourced transcription tool which specifically addresses fine art materials and content.

AnnoTate was an outcome of Tate’s Archives & Access project: an ambitious venture which takes 52,000 items from the largest archive of British art in the world and makes them accessible to national and international online audiences via a programme of digitisation, learning and participation. This was made possible through a £1.9 million grant from the Heritage Lottery Fund.

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AnnoTate is one of many Zooniverse projects dealing with text transcription.

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Check back for a forthcoming link to the project results.